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Similar minds. Similar attractions. Similar pasts, lifestyles. Same sides of the same coin.

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the only thing that’s changed since then is the quality of photos

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I don’t want us to ignore that we’ve had so much progress since then :Homosexuals can now get married, adopt in many places, and are slowly being accepted in public spaces. Homosexuality is no longer considered a mental illness. We are slowly tackling issues revolved around other sexualities and social stigmas revolve around non heterosexuality. Black and minorities gained most of their rights after the 60s, they now cannot be discriminated in legal spaces, and if they are they can file complaints, we are slowly being seen as equals and slowly tackling social stigmas revolved around race.Women have every right men have, in some states we have more laws in our favor. We have successfully (mostly) destroyed the idea that women are only good at being domestic holders and got equal pay in ‘63. Were are now slowly tackling social stigmas surrounded by gender.Students are still drowned in loans, mostly because capitalism however there is no longer segregation. The loans issue will not be resolved unless the system is changed. Yes! Power to the people!


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2 week old bunny’s first day outside and he discovers the slide